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BED BLANKET DESIRÈ | Cashmere and silk

BED BLANKET DESIRÈ | Cashmere and silk

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Handmade in Biella by master craftsmen


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Mothproof treatment & High quality

All our products are treated with an anti-moth treatment during the production process

We select only the best fabrics and wools to guarantee you a splendid product to the eye and soft and warm to the touch

Differences between wools, which wool is right for you?

The unique feature of all
the types of wool is thermo-adjustability . They allow moisture to evaporate and you always have one
feeling hot and dry .

Here are our main wools:

Merino wool is a very fine wool. It comes from particular sheep farms
accustomed to large temperature variations, bad weather and attacks by parasites. Thanks to this, wool has special characteristics. First of all , it maintains body temperature without heating .
In addition, it has a structure that prevents the proliferation of parasites (including mites) and has an absorbent effect, which allows moisture to evaporate outside. The yarn is light and thin .

Alpaca wool comes from the animal of the same name. It exists in nature in numerous shades. The yarn is very light and silky to the touch , and gives excellent protection from

Cashmere wool comes from a type of goat raised in Tibet and Mongolia. This is the under-fleece, also called the “Golden Fleece”. A very fine wool that protects very well from the cold , since inside its fibers, there is a structure with a kind of air chamber. Its softness is exceptional .

Made in Biella

All our products are handmade in Biella, the international capital of the processing of fine fibers

Désirèe is a light blanket for cot , in pure extra-fine cashmere and silk fabric, free of artificial colors to protect your baby from allergies . This new cashmere and silk blanket is as impalpable as a sheet, with all the warmth and softness of cashmere and the elegance of silk to give your baby a warm and soft rest in the bed or during a walk.

Composition : 70% pure extra fine cashmere - 30% silk
Medium weight blanket, ideal for both mid-season and winter (250 gr / sqm).

Size : Cot cm 150 x 110 inch 60 "x 44"

Colors: 100% natural, without synthetic or whitening colors

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